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December 21, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* when I started doing the CR Holiday Interviews, part of the reason was that nothing ever happened -- except the occasional mass firing at Marvel -- between December 15 and January 10. Now it's like all huge announcements, all the time!

image* one such announcement is one I thought we were supposed to get Monday: writer Matt Fraction and artist Stuart Immonen are spearheading an event series for Marvel called Fear Itself. Those are cream of the crop mainstream comics makers, so count me in -- for the core of it, at least. I also like the idea of this one because it sets up the next event as something really, really external, featuring classic bad guy/good guy romps. Or maybe this one will be external-threat oriented. Either way, works for me.

* speaking of Marvel, one of the Fantastic Four will apparently die in a comic book out today. Merry Christmas, everyone! It saddens me that there seems to be a stunt-aspect to that title right now, which is as fundamentally solid as it's been in a while. I guess the shape of the market is the shape of the market, and anything you can do to boost the basic sales profile deserves to be tried.

* here are a couple more announcements: DailyINK migrates to the iPad; IDW launches a digital graphic novel line. Sheesh! Please let that be it for the year.

* ten minutes after I wake up I can return to this sentence and link to Dirk Deppey's final piece as's primary blogger. A great place to track on-line industry reaction to Dirk Deppey's departure from Fantgraphics and is an icerocket search on his name. It says a lot as to how many people valued his blogging that so many chose to express their regret at his leaving.

* Icerocket doesn't do the best blog searches, though, so a lot more came up when I looked around. Noah Berlatsky thanks Deppey here. FPI blog notes Deppey's imminent departure here. Gary Tyrrell notes that Deppey was a friend to webcomics here. Sean T. Collins smartly notes that as big a role as he played in recent years, Deppey was a titanic figure in the early days of the comics blogosphere. One of those early on-line folks, Alan David Doane, says goodbye. Sean Kleefeld takes a look at what this means for consumers of comics news.

* I wish I had more to add. I didn't get the response I hoped for from the Journal about the matter, which I understand, but I was told by a Fantagraphics representative that while they couldn't comment at length they all wish Dirk well and this is part of the Journal moving in a different direction. I mention that for the second part, because I know that some people have assumed it's a cost-cutting measure. I don't think we can do that yet.

* I never quite found the place to run a link to this Melissa Mendes cartoon.

* the critic with the best gigs Douglas Wolk picks his top 10 of 2010. It's a solid list, but I wish he hadn't qualified his #1 choice -- it makes the selection seem like a stunt, and I don't think that's what he intended.

* Brian Sendelbach is boycotting Conan O'Brien over his use of a Black Aquaman character, joining the vast majority of late-night television watchers in their more general boycott of O'Brien's show. (I kid, I kid.)

* that is quite clever.

* Modern Drunkard has a comics section. I forget who sent this link and why they sent it. Sorry, forgotten person with a reason for sending me something.

* La Mano's Kim Deitch Files project, previewed at BCGF to great acclaim, is now available through their site. Looks pretty awesome.

image* I missed these funny Friday the 13th cartoons that Richard Thompson ran on Monday, December 13. I even like them totally stripped of context.

* the writer Brian Wood talks Northlanders and the reality of how he's viewed because he's never taken a high-profile corporate comics writing job in a short chat at Comicdom.

* Tokyopop offering Print On Demand for out of print titles makes perfect sense, to the point where it seems weirder to me that this is not a practice already in place.

* ugh.

* Chris Butcher would like you to know that if you haven't heard back from TCAF you might be in the rejected exhibitor group but you might still be in the accepted. He sent out about 1/3 of the acceptances before realizing this meant that a group of people would be getting bad news right before Christmas. So he pushed everything back to December 27.

* I never freaked out when places like the New York Times started covering comics -- made sense to me -- but I do find it a little weird when they cover on-line expressions of comic book fandom.

* finally, I'm not certain why anyone would think that the Muslim world didn't have a political cartoon culture. I'm not sure I agree with the details of this article's descriptions of individual scenes, but yeah, there are plenty of cartoonists in Muslim-oriented countries and plenty of publications that serve them. In fact, instances of horrible fallout suffered by such publications in the wake of the Danish Cartoons Controversy was one of the more distressing -- and now forgotten -- aspects of that whole ordeal.
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