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July 22, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I'm not certain how much news outside of Comic-Con International will be generated in the next couple of days, and I'm further suspicious of my ability to get on-line where I can find out about such stories, but let's assume there is and I can and see if we can have another couple of days of Random News.

* okay, here's one: One Manga is essentially shutting down.

* and here's another: Kevin Melrose on Alan Moore rejecting a deal to get Watchmen back if it allowed for prequel and sequel works. Huge kudos to Melrose for 1) choosing not to adopt the "Alan Moore is an ungrateful crank" line of logic that's hugely unfortunately seeped into way too much coverage of the writer's moves recently; 2) reminding us all that Moore was screwed by DC on the firewall promise with the ABC line, undergoing a number of hassles that he was promised he would not face in putting his stamp of approval on that already-shaky move. The thing that kills me is that a sequel and a prequel for Watchmen are being sought by people at DC in the first place. This doesn't seem to me like out of the box publishing thinking; this seems to me like sad, typical all the way in the box corporate media thinking. I don't want a prequel to Lawrence of Arabia, I don't want to see a sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird and I like Watchmen just the way it is as a singular expression of potent pop culture, thank you. I'm still waiting for something cool and unusual to be announced from the new DC regime.

image* missed it: cartoonist, historian and all-around anchor for the potent comics scene scattered throughout the Philippines Gerry Alanguilan has a new site up devoted to his comic book series -- and soon to be SLG graphic novel -- Elmer. I liked Elmer for a lot of reasons, but I bring it up here quite a bit because I wish the art form and the industries that serve it generated more highly idiosyncratic works like that one.

* not comics: I haven't watched it yet, but this site would seem to have a trailer up for the forthcoming Tamara Drewe. Here are three early reviews: Box Office Magazine, Cinematical and The Telegraph. Here's Posy Simmonds talking about the adaptation.

* Johanna Draper Carlson writes about the potential move of "New Comics Day" from Wednesday to Tuesday ("New Comics Day" is the day that comic books are delivered to the Direct Market shops). She makes a good point that the moving the day to line up with DVD and book releases may be a bad idea branding-wise, but that anything that allows retailers to process their books in non-insane fashion, as they're doing right now, may be an overall good. I pretty much agree with that dichotomy, and find frustrating the inability of comic shops to get behind a practice that would generally improve their industry.

* the writers Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction are suggesting that someone put a stopwatch on a famous group of hateful Christian protesters to find out how much time they're going to spend this weekend objecting to the idol worship of Comic-Con and then that as many folks as possible donate money to a non-hateful charity as if the haters were soliciting it by the minute like a little kid doing a walk-a-thon. The thought is that you make their appearance and all time spent during their appearance drive money going to a charity that they would likely not approve of. I'm going to make such a donation, and I'll post the time here so you can maybe do so. I'll also hope to find time and inspiration to pray for those people, because they seem very lost, and maybe you will, too.

* finally, three people have sent me slightly naughty pictures of Wonder Woman in the last few weeks, but this is the only one that's stuck around in my Inbox. I have no idea why.
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