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February 27, 2008

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the writer and critic Jeet Heer follows up yesterday's post on this site linking to images of "The Krazy Kat Club" with some analysis and perspective.

image* Martin Lilja wrote in to point out that the Mat Brinkman show at Loyal that starts March 7 "is focused on new original pen and pencil works on paper," which I agree is very exciting. Pictured is one of the old drawings, which I also find exciting.

* here's the information on that Great Outdoor Fight hardcover from Dark Horse we talked about yesterday. September 2008.

* the Quill Awards have been suspended, after Reed Business Information, currently in the market for a new buyer, withdrew support. The Quills were a book awards program with the backing of a television network that honored comics in its own category. The article at PW makes them seem like a really top-heavy entity, with a 40-person advisory board, which is something I hadn't known. It makes sense that such an awards program couldn't survive without its backing; its backing was the point.

* speaking of Reed, Ron Hogan has a nice piece on how potential buyers might perceive the company's future.

* the huge comics industry news and discussion site Newsarama has signed into a media partnership with the New York Comic-Con for coverage of the event. CR would like to announce that we have entered into a similar though slightly less formal partnership with the North American beer industry for that same weekend.

* an anonymous, only roughly-identified source at The Beat says that yesterday's $600,000 venture capital figure mentioned for Boom! isn't money on hand but the upper limit of money that's being made available to them. Or something.

* finally, a must-read interview with Lewis Trondheim on Newsarama.
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