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August 26, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the writer Garth Ennis celebrates 2000 AD, the most under-appreciated of all the great serial comics in the history of the medium.

image* the writer Sean Collins continues his series of interviews with alternative comics creators working for Marvel in a chat with comedic genius Michael Kupperman, who if nothing else should clearly do all the backgrounds of panels in all Marvel's comics from now on. Also, Marvel people shouldn't be mad at me for using this Namor panel because now you know it would make a great t-shirt.

* I don't really have a place for something like this in quick hits, so: Sean Kleefeld's Comics Manifesto

* speaking of whom, Mr. Kleefeld makes the case that comics journalism is social media. I personally consider CR a social event, it's just more the kind of party where a bunch of enthusiastic people show up on the doorstep of a completely darkened house and a grouchy old man in pajamas and bathrobe puts on his slippers and drives them home, lecturing them about life between bursts of static and Art Bell.

* you know, if they can publish Galactica 1980 comics, you'd think my Q.E.D. pitch would at least merit a response.

* finally, if you're interested in the history of superhero comics and how a changing industry can dictate content to an astonishing degree, click on the Curt Purcell links available at this Sean Collins post and have yourself a long read. The hook is a comparison of latest Green Lantern ringapalooza Blackest Night to the old Legion of Super-Heroes Darkseid plotline "The Great Darkness Saga," but I think it works better as a more general argument about how books in different eras were/are expected to work.
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