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News: Friends of Lulu Announces 2004 Nominees
posted June 24, 2004

June 24 -- The Friends of Lulu announced their Lulu Awards nominees, to be given on Thursday, July 22 at the upstairs lounge of the Bitter End, in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter. The event typically kicks off the awards portion of the Comic-Con International weekend before a Friday, Saturday and Sunday or Inkpots, Eisners, and the occasional recognition from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. According to press material released by the women-centric advocacy organization, the awards honor those who "have been instrumental in helping pursue Friends of Lulu's goals."

A new honor added for 2004 is the Women of Distinction Award, which is designed to be given to those women not cartoonists -- publishers, editors, retailers, journalists -- who contribute in significant fashion to the comic book industry or medium.

Longtime Northwest small press cartoonist and DC breakout penciling star Pia Guerra of Y: The Last Man, withdrew her name from consideration for the Kim Yale Award for Best New Female Talent. Members in good standing voted by filling out a ballot at the organization's web site or returning a written ballot.

Women of Distinction Award -- Carol Kalish (the late Vice-President of New Product Development, Marvel Comics); Trina Robbins (for her historical work); Mimi Rosenheim, (an editor and co-Publisher of AiT/Planet Lar), Diana Schutz (the longtime Dark Horse editor) and Maggie Thompson (the longtime editor of Comics Buyer's Guide)
Hall of Fame -- Lynda Barry, Amanda Conner, Barb Rausch, Dorothy "Woolfolk" Roubicek, Rumiko Takahishi
Lulu of the Year -- Jen Contino, Jane Irwin, Lawrence Klein, Lea Hernandez, Marjane Satrapi.
Kim Yale Award for Best New Female Talent -- Sara Beeves, Dylan Meconis, Lark Pien, Christina Weir.