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Collective Memory: 2008 NCS Meeting (New Orleans) and 2008 Reuben Awards
posted June 10, 2008


Links to stories, eyewitness accounts and resources concerning the 2008 NCS Annual Meeting and NCS Awards, held on Memorial Day weekend in New Orleans

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Alan Gardner's Coverage
* Al Jaffee wins Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist
* Chad Carpenter wins Newspaper Panel Award
* Bill Schorr wins Editorial Cartoons Award
* Jim Meddick wins Newspaper Strips Award
* Tom Richmond wins Advertising Illustration Award
* Sandra Boynton wins Book Illustration Award
* Sean Kelly wins Newspaper Illustration Award
* David Silverman wins Animation Feature Award
* Stephen Silver win Television Animation Award
* Mort Gerberg wins Gag Cartoons Award
* Shaun Tan wins Comic Books Award
* Dave Mowder wins Greeting Cards Award
* Daryll Collins wins Magazine Feature/Magazine Illustration Award
* Sandra Boynton awarded Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award
* Silver T-Square Award given to Stu Rees
* Sandra Boynton: Greeting cards to Grammys
* Mort Gerberg: A career of diversification
* NCS Award Predictions

Editor & Publisher
* Reuben Awards Report

Mike Lynch's Coverage
* Photo Array and Report
* Photo Array and Report 02

Tom Richmond's Coverage
* Day Zero
* Day One
* Day Two
* Day Three
* Wrap-Up

Miscellaneous Coverage
* Bill Gallo on the NCS
* Gerry Mooney's Photos
* Great Lakes NCS Chapter Photos
* Hogan's Alley Photos
* Nancy Beiman
* New Jersey NCS Chapter Photos
* The Beat
* The Demon Duck of Doom
* Today's Inspiration on Michael Berry
* Today's Inspiration On Henry R. Martin
* Today's Inspiration On Roy Doty
* Today's Inspiration On Marcus Hamilton


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