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November 7, 2007

Richard Thompson’s Cul-de-Sac Has Bill Watterson’s Written Endorsement


It's hard to gauge buzz in the comic strip world. All strips that launch have at least some measure of press coverage, or at least enthusiastic sales people behind them, and there are more important steps into making a hit than what happens with initial launch -- whether or not readers complain when the first papers drop a feature, the move into profitability between 70 and 125 clients, and the move past that into solid, usually long-term sales status at 200 papers and beyond.

Still, there's something about Richard Thompson's recently-launched Cul-de-Sac that not only sounds promising, but promising in a way that could make it a quality newspaper mainstay if things come together. Plus, Bill Watterson's endorsement is part of the sales package. That's sort of like getting JD Salinger to do a cover blurb.
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