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March 28, 2006

Sacramento Bee Cuts Its Sunday Pages

imageIt's probably easy to make too much of this -- the Bee isn't a paper on the level of papers in San Jose, St. Paul or Houston when it comes to setting trends in comics -- but the Sacramento Bee is apparently cutting back its Sunday comics from eight to six pages, losing Amazing Spider-Man, Hagar the Horrible, Opus, Slylock Fox and the vacationing The Boondocks; moving into weekdays-only Bizarro, Garfield, Hi and Lois, and Rubes. Note that Opus is one of those to go, despite being new, as are Garfield and Hagar despite having huge client bases. Also, that can't be the reaction Boondocks reps were hoping for. The reason given, which is also sort of interesting, is the paper devoting energy to setting up a 24-hour on-line news desk.
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