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October 27, 2010

Satirical Magazine Printed To Coincide With Pope’s Visit Held By Its Printer

imageIn a story that's hit Spanish-language news sites, the satirical Galician magazine Retranca has apparently stated on their web site that a special issue of their magazine published to coincide with a papal visit to the region has been held by its printer Godoy Jimenez because they disagree with its contents. (Galicia is an autonomous region of Nortwestern Spain with its own language, and, we learn now, its own cartoon-driven satirical magazine.) Some of the contributors to that issue are also regulars of Barcelona's El Jueves magazine, which I think helps makes it a national story. If I'm reading the sites correctly the printing was done but the magazines themselves are being held, and that one reason the printer feels it can do this is because they don't have a formal contract with the publisher.

While the details of the magazine's content remain unclear, it's obvious from the cover that the cost of such visits is something that's on the table. (The word balloon on the cover seems to feature Pope Benedict saying something along the lines he's not bringing the usual loaves and fishes or the miracle of the host but making it rain dollars.) The idea that a printer might hold up comics content due to moral objections isn't something unfamiliar to comics publishers worldwide, although in many cases there's not a timeliness element to the publication added into the mix and the only qualms I've heard expressed about comics from printers used by North American publishers is a worker or two objecting to the visual representations of sex that they're seeing. Certainly the potential audience for the publication has expanded because of the printer's actions, and the magazine's cover image has now been seen by many more people.
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