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December 30, 2005

Scott McCloud Plans 50-State Tour

It looks like an ambitious tour beginning in the second half of 2006 is among Scott McCloud's early plans for support of of his forthcoming book, Making Comics, which he reports is near first-draft completion. I'm not sure why this intrigues me -- and I hope I haven't caused Scott concern again -- except maybe that my gut feeling is that cartoonist tours are on a slight upswing the last 24-36 months, with a combination of big-time publishers getting in on the act (Marjane Satrapi hit major US cities for at least two of her English-language releases), and an increase in the overall number of healthy retail establishments of all types where one can find comics. Even given all that, this would be very impressive. McCloud's experience with audiences and the subject matter of his book make him a publicity tour natural.
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