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August 31, 2011

Sebastian Beaty Reviews DC’s New 52

From CR contributor Bart Beaty, in this morning's e-mail.

"True comics story: My five year old has recently started enjoying going to the comics store since I buy him NBM's Smurfs translations. The store has a section where they put out all the free postcards and promo books, which he knows he's allowed to take. He's just learning to read on his own, so he is fascinated by these things and reads them over and over: 'Black Panther is a man without fear! What does that mean, dad?' I usually can't answer these questions.

"So last week he picked up DC's preview of the relaunch and said 'Who's the man with the Superman t-shirt?' I told him it was Superman. He said 'No, Superman has a cape.' The store owner assured him that this was indeed the new Superman and Sebastian just rolled his eyes and said 'Superman has a cape' and walked away.

"At least there's still Smurfs for this kid."
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