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January 1, 2012

Second Week Of 2011-2012 CR Holiday Interviews Concludes


There will be no interview today. Our traffic drops on Christmas Day and New Year's Day to the point that putting someone in those slots seems slightly unfair to those persons. So I try to avoid it if I can.

If you're on-line today, and you're stopping by this site, thank you for making me enough of a part of your Internet experience that it would occur you to make CR a stop on this greatest of all holidays involving hangovers and loafing. I greatly appreciate it. I hope that in lieu of a new interview you'll enjoy whatever I manage to slap up here, check out some of the more recently archived material in the columns at right, and maybe even try one of the 12 already-posted interviews you may have missed.

Second Week
* Jeff Parker
* Kim Thompson
* Barry Matthews and Leon Avelino
* Charles Brownstein and Larry Marder
* Chris Mautner
* Todd DePastino

First Week
* Art Spiegelman
* Tom Neely, Emily Nilsson and Virginia Paine
* Peter Birkemoe
* Tucker Stone
* Ethan Rilly
* Steve Duin

A universe of gratitude to the participants. There will be another week, but how many interviews will actually get posted I couldn't tell you.
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