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May 4, 2010

Sigma Delta Chi Awards Go To Dwayne Booth, Jack Ohman, Terrence Nowicki


The Society Of Professional Journalists has announced its 2009 Sigma Delta Chi Awards, which go to a variety of journalistic efforts at a variety of outlets. They awarded three cartoonists out of a potential four categories:

Editorial Cartooning (Newspaper Circulation 1-50,000 or Regional Magazine)
No Award Given
Editorial Cartooning (Newspaper Circulation 50,001-100,000 or Online Independent)
Cartoons by Mr. Fish, Dwayne Booth, Truthdig
Editorial Cartooning (Newspaper Circulation 100,001+ or Affiliated Website/National Magazine)
Cartoons by Jack Ohman, Jack Ohman, The Oregonian
Editorial Cartooning (Non-Daily Publication)
Cartoons by Terrence L. Nowicki Jr., Terrence L. Nowicki Jr., Freelance

I think those are three pretty good choices, and the Jack Ohman cartoons in particular have been under-appreciated. The awards will be given to the winners in October.
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