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October 28, 2004

Sign and Return: Marvel’s Third Quarter Report Card (Filled Out By Marvel)

imageMarvel Enterprises' third-quarter report went public this morning, which means an opportunity to pore over the relevant wire release from the company. This can sometimes take a while, but in terms of comics publishing the money shot is right here:
"Marvel's Publishing Segment net sales rose 15% to $22.6 million due to strength in core comic sales, advertising and custom projects. In total, there was an approximate 5% increase in total circulation to 12.4 million units compared to the prior year period, reflecting success in the Company's title management strategy."

There are probably eighteen ways to spin that, including the way Marvel does in the last sentence, but there's little denying that for a company like Marvel moving more units and increasing net sales is pretty much the idea.

Definitely not related to comics publishing is the coming movie attractions portion of Marvel's report -- except that it may give you an idea of how the company will manage characters in super-teams. This time it tells us little of worth except that much lesser-known properties Brother Voodoo, Luke Cage (our friend pictured) and Deathlok are all on the TV or movie schedule. It may be worth noting that some thought the Luke Cage movie might be further up the production schedule, with a star and director attached.
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