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October 5, 2009

So Is This Site The New Wizard?

imageIt's almost impossible to figure out exactly what the Wizard Entertainment empire is up to these days, but certainly past news stories have indicated that they've shrunk the magazine like mad, moved offices and that the comics convention strategy employed by the company and its core team has moved from shows branded as "Wizard World" to a series of local/regional shows -- some of them based on previously existing shows at some level of success in that specific market -- that employ a kind of local branding combined with a more generic umbrella "Comic Con."

The big question seems to be whether these efforts will be used in the long term to shore up the existing Wizard empire or if some sort of new company is being formed from its once much-larger shell. Unless someone leaks that information -- if there is an answer -- I imagine this could wait until the moment a new company is announced if that ever happens. All of that is meant to note a new site that launched Friday called Geek Chic Daily with I'm told Gareb Shamus' and Scott Gramling's involvement, a site that covers the same areas and that has no Wizard-related branding whatsoever , at least none that I can find. On-line publishing is at a place right now where it's hard to finish one's statements of intent with whatever bullshit one wants to grasp out of a completely unclear feature, but things are still all over the place, and it could be that multiple platforms suit what it is people want to do these days. Me, I can't get the same thought out of my head that I had when the conventions started to be renamed and when Wizard's site ignored the A-Bomb news stories of late August through mid-September: this seems like a new thing.
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