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March 24, 2006

Solo to End With Issue #12?

imageSolo, the well-regarded DC Comics title that showcases an artist an issue and includes a lot of rare short-story work featuring various corners of the DC Comics Universe and beyond, looks to be ending with issue #12. The writer Warren Ellis lays it out here at his The Engine site. Although that looks like unconfirmed stuff, and you never know, the title looks pretty dead based on those statements.

And that would be too bad. I liked the series enough to put it into my top 50 for 2005 at #41 -- they had done a nice job selecting artists both in terms of skill and in terms of picking enough artists whose natural interest lie in superheroes that so many stories featuring them seemed natural instead of forced. Plus they had a lot of short stories, which almost no one does in mainstream comics anymore but may be the kind of story that best suits a lot of that material. There are sales figures here, which don't look too bad considering the price point. But there are all sorts of easy-to-parse mitigating circumstances: high production costs, a pain to assemble from an artist given other gigs and assignments, page rates mitigating any price point boost, how unnatural it is for DC to work with a comic that might sell months and months later (according to my own experience, issues of the comic were hard to find), and the fact that many good artists suited for such a title have small or non-existing natural fan bases.

Ellis also wrote that the last issue will feature Brendan McCarthy.
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