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August 16, 2006

Spider-Man Comics Hit Newspapers


One hundred twenty-two of News America Marketing's 1000-plus client base will apparently participate in a Spider-Man comic giveaway in the next several days, with an insert of the character's first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15. These clients include the Chicago Sun-Times and the New York Post (ad above), which is a pretty good two in your 122. Marvel signed a deal with News America Marketing last Fall.

I don't like backseat driving big company publicity, but this move bears watching by those who do for a number of reasons, including 1) the age of the material being reprinted, 2) the audience profile for most daily newspapers, and 3) the likelihood for follow-up between an effort this broad and a market mechanism for Marvel's modern comics comparably narrow in scope.

thanks to Gary Dunaier for the jpeg
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