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March 26, 2012

Stacy Curtis Joins Richard Thompson On Cul De Sac


Today marks the first Cul De Sac strip that creator and current Reuben Award winner Richard Thompson has done with the inking of illustrator and artist Stacy Curtis. Thompson talks about the decision in his usual charming fashion here. Curtis was at one point a full-time editorial cartoonist who lost his staffed gig at The Times Of Northwest Indiana during what still might be called the initial wave of what would by 2008 become an ocean's worth of recent trouble for practitioners in that field; his transition to a wider array of freelance and self-directed gigs, including children's book illustration, was done to a certain extent in the public way the Internet facilitates and was no small encouragement for many cartoonists in a similar situation.

It looks like Curtis' primary gig will be inking the daily strips, and that he won't be a credited creator on the strip. Thompson has missed some deadlines in the recent past and is currently undergoing treatment for Parkinson's Disease. Today also marks Thompson's return to new work after weeks of high-profile substitute runs from various comics luminaries and professional fans of the award-winning work. I am thrilled to have him back.
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