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June 18, 2006

Steve Rude: Nexus to “Rest In Peace”

Here's a note that popped up as part of Steve Rude's monthly newsletter, regarding the chances of new Nexus work with writer Mike Baron.
A sad note for those expecting the return of Nexus. It's probably not going to happen. Let's just say that Baron's scripting on the new stories were "far different" that my expectations anticipated, and I just couldn't accept them. After several months of back and forth between Mike and I, we ultimately decided to just let the book rest in peace.

The science fantasy superhero Nexus was one of the cornerstones of the independent comics movement of the 1980s, providing an enjoyable combination of flippant, minimalistic scriptwriting from Baron and gorgeous, Andrew Loomis/Dr. Seuss/Jack Kirby/Alex Toth inspired art from Rude. The property eventually ended up at Dark Horse, with declining sales results in a run of mini-series, during which notably DHP returned ownership to the creators that they had lost to First Comics. The proposed new Nexus comics described above were I think to come from Rude's self-publishing effort.

I had kind of figured we'd get one more go-around on Nexus, so even though I know it shouldn't be surprising if there isn't one because of the property's already formidable longevity and all the signs of diminished interest, it still feels like a surprise to me.
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