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November 8, 2012

Surely A Sign Of Something: Vertigo Long-Runner Hellblazer Becomes New DC Offering Constantine

You can read DC's press release here and the story that was fed to the Associated Press writer here. What's sort of interesting to me is that the disintegration of the old industry that makes such a move a good idea also kind of takes with it any compelling reason to make a big deal of the switch. I mean, you look at a title near its 300th issue while everything else is getting a shiny new #1, you don't think, "Well, they're obviously going to stick with that and good for them." John Constantine is one of the few later-period characters they have -- which means he's still 27 years old, but still. The character remains a prime candidate for some sort of eventual film or television effort despite a previous shot at it that didn't quite get over despite not being hated or anything (some folks rather liked that movie). He's also been kind of an interesting character for that company in that so many writers from an entire generation of comics-makers have taken their shot at him in a way that usually gets reserved for the more iconic superhero properties.

The character is I believe credited to Steve Bissette, Alan Moore, John Totleben and Rick Veitch.

Here's something I noticed when I got that 27-year-old number. That means that more time has passed between John Constantine being created and now than between the creations of Hal Jordan and John Constantine. That is... I don't know if that's depressing or astonishing or what. These characters aren't young. An era of comics that many of us think of as still ongoing is really receding in the rear view mirror.
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