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January 21, 2008

They’ll Do It Every Time Ends in 79th Year Following the Passing of Al Scaduto


The Connecticut Post notes that King Features Syndicates had decided not to continue the long-running panel They'll Do It Every Time after the passing of its current cartoonist, Al Scaduto, on December 8. This is slightly surprising considering that the feature still had approximately 100 clients. They'll Do It Every Time was one of the few newspaper cartoon offerings to successful brand its own humorous take -- kind of a shaken-head, half-appreciation, half-condemnation of excesses of human behavior so ingrained they seem inevitable as well as universal -- and to call on readers for material in exchange for a small credit in the panel. It was created in 1929 by cartoon juggernaut Jimmy Hatlo, was nationally syndicated starting in 1936. Bob Dunn followed Hatlo on the feature and Scaduto followed Dunn, giving the strip a strong creative continuity during its multiple decade run.

The final panel runs February 2.
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