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March 17, 2011

Thailand Newspaper Apologizes For Tsunami Cartoon

imageBangkok's The Nation, an English-language publication focused on business issues affecting middle- and upper-class Thais, has issued an apology for a cartoon they from ran from Stephane "Sherff" Peray. Peray writes about the cartoon here. This follows on the decision earlier this week by the Malaysian paper Berita Harian to apologize for a cartoon of their own for roughly the same reason: it took too lightly a major, international tragedy. A few things jump out at me. One is that this seems less wacky than the Malaysian cartoon, but that's personal preference. Two, I'm not sure I saw this stated directly, but I'm inferring from what's been written that Peray did his initial cartoon very early on in the news cycle and it was used later, after more sympathetic cartoons done in the interim. That makes it kind of a structural problem as opposed to Peray being up for "least sensitive human being" award, as might have been the case had he made it on the day it was published. Three, these things are happening instantly, which almost certainly underlines the role of social media technology in the way papers interact with their readership.
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