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February 9, 2012

That Upcoming Heritage Comics Auction Does Look Pretty Amazing

It's hard for me to imagine that I'll be running every breathless update sent along by the PR people in charge of hyping the forthcoming comics art auction at Heritage, but a look at the event page does reveal it to be a pretty amazing collection of offerings from a broad range of comics-makers. I lack the context as to whether or not I can describe it as the greatest such auction ever -- I like to imagine there was some sort of super art auction in 1974 attended solely by Wimbledon Green types and lost to cultural memory -- but it's certainly considerable and worth a poke around if you haven't yet. Some of the art even seems affordable according to current bids, if you can picture yourself as the kind of person with lots of money to spend on original comics art. I don't think I've seen this bit of Kirby art before, and this piece is certainly a show-stopper.
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