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March 22, 2010

That List Of Webcomics From Sunday

Thanks to the phenomenon known as "insomnia," aka "the crushing worries of existence, nestled at bedside," what follows is an alphabetical, standardized version of the list of current webcomics produced by CR readers on Friday evening.

Although even I can think of a lot of great strips that no one mentioned, I think it's a pretty good list, and only three made me want to build a time machine to go back to caveman times and find some way to destroy mankind's artistic impulse. And then only for a few seconds. Mostly, there's a lot on even this admittedly very standard list with which I wasn't yet familiar. Anyway, I made a folder out of open new tabs and all tabs in a folder function, and look forward to digging in. Maybe you will, too.

* 1930 Nightmare Theatre @ Dumm Comics, Kyle A. Carrozza and John Berry
* 1977 The Comic, W. Byron Wilkins

* Achewood, Chris Onstad
* A Manga Addict, Sam Mooney
* American Elf, James Kochalka
* A Softer World, E Horne and J Comeau

* Bad Machinery, John Allison
* Bear Nuts, Alison Acton
* Between Gears, Natalie Nourigat
* Brat-Halla, Jeffery Stevenson and Seth Damoose
* Briar Hollow, Terry Blas
* Bug, Adam Huber

* Cat and Girl, Dorothy Gambrell
* College Roomies From Hell!!!, Maritza Campos

* Daisy Owl, Ben Driscoll
* Dark Horse MySpace Presents
* Deadbeats, Richard Howell and Ricardo Villagran and Thom Zahler
* Diesel Sweeties, R. Stevens
* Dinosaur Comics, Ryan North
* Dresden Codak, Aaron Diaz

* Ellerbisms, Marc Ellerby
* Ellie Connelly, Indigo Kelleigh
* EmiTown, Emi Lenox
* Endtown, Aaron Neathery

* Freakangels, Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield

* Girl Genius, Phil Foglio and Kaja Foglio
* Girls With Slingshots, Danielle Corsetto
* Goats, Jon Rosenberg

* Hark! A Vagrant, Kate Beaton
* Haunted, Josh Smeaton
* Heropotamus, Josh Alves

* Iron, SM Vidaurri

* John & John, , d!o
* Johnny Wander, Ananth Panagariya and Yuko Ota

* Kawaii Not, Meghan Murphy

* Lackadaisy, Tracy J. Butler
* Let's Be Friends Again, Curt Franklin and Chris Haley
* Liz Prince Power, Liz Prince

* Max Vs. Max, Wes Molebash
* Menage a 3, Giz and Dave Zero1
* Mugwhump the Great, Roger Langridge
* My Cardboard Life, Philippa Rice

* Nedroid Picture Diary, Anthony Clark

* Oceanverse, Michael Schwartz
* Octopus Pie, Meredith Gran

* Pajama Forest!, Evan Diaz
* Penny and Aggie, T. Campbell and Gisele Legace
* Penny Arcade, Jerry Holkins and illustrated by Mike Krahulik
* PhD: Piled Higher & Deeper, , Jorge Cham
* Pokeweed, Drew Pocza
* PvP, Scott Kurtz

* Questionable Content, Jeph Jacques

* reMIND, Jason Brubaker

* Savage Chickens, Doug Savage
* Sheldon, Dave Kellett
* She Said, Kris Dresen
* Shortpacked!, David Willis
* Sinfest, Tatsuya Ishida
* Sin Titulo, Cameron Stewart
* Socks and Barney, Steve Conley
* Spain & Morocco, Alex Fellows
* Steve Bissette's King of Monster Isle, Steve Bissette
* Strewth, Josh Way
* SubCulture, Kevin Freeman and Stan Yan
* Supernatural Law, Batton Lash

* The Abominable Charles Christopher, Karl Kerschl
* The Bean, Trav
* The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, Justin Pierce
* Tune, Derek Kirk Kim
*, Todd Webb

* Wapsi Square, Paul Taylor
* Whubble, Jamie Smart
* Wondermark, David Malki

* XKCD, Randall Munroe

* Year of the Rat, Cayetano Garza Jr.

Thanks to all the readers that participated.
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