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May 21, 2017

The Article That Would Have Been The Talk Of Comics Ten Years Ago And Now… Meh

imageIt strikes me that this piece on comics in college curricula by Shannon Watkins would have enraged comics for maybe a couple of weeks back in 2008 or so, and stands very little chance of doing so today. I assume teaching prose has all of the benefits asserted. Teaching comics I imagine is developing and will develop virtues of its own. Some will overlap. There's no proof they're in serious competition. Everything in the article is a broad argument, built from delicate threads and sweeping generalization. I do like the notion that teaching comics is a way to promote progressive politics because I don't really get that out of comics as a whole at all.

I'm generally fascinated by the idea of being taught comics because I feel for certain I would have hated it and avoided such classes like a champ were they offered when I was a student. I'm not all the way sure why. I mean I would have avoided being taught in an English way, not a history way, although the latter doesn't appeal to me either. I'd be the worst comics teacher ever, too. That's mostly because I spend half my time sitting asleep, which I assume would be a bad thing for class discipline. The only class I've ever heard of in comics that I'd like to take is John Ronan's SAW history of comics class, because I bet John could teach that subject for eight semesters and not reach the 20th Century. Also, you don't fall asleep on John Ronan. Even then I'd take it pass/fail.
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