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May 12, 2008

The Artist Gene Colan Is Suffering From Liver Failure And Could Use Your Help

imageThe writer Clifford Meth reports on the well-respected and well-liked veteran mainstream comics artist Gene Colan's liver failure, Colan's general mood and an effort to help Colan that includes an auction in three separate postings at his blog. Mark Evanier writes about Colan here. The full text of a letter from Adrienne Colan that went out to Colan fans can be found here. Ed Brubaker and others have filled my inbox this morning with encouragement to write on the issue, all testifying to the lovely character of Colan and his wife.

The Colans find themselves without the ability to pay what are massive, mounting medical costs, which is why I'm asking you to consider helping out in any way you can through the information provided in the above links. Colan was a key player in mainstream American comics for three decades, particularly in broadening the artistic range represented by 1960s Marvel Comics through frequently lovely, lush work on titles like Daredevil and the Iron Man stories in Tales of Suspense. I think what's particularly worth noting is that Marvel has been asked for help. Colan played a key role in creating and developing the two properties that happened to launch both phases of Marvel's major movie-making history: Blade, in his Tomb of Dracula run, and his work on those Iron Man comics. There's no reason on earth why that company shouldn't spare what will probably amount to a single cash payout during a single quarter to a single board member to someone that paved the way for that success. I hope they come through.

Edited To Add: Here's the eBay listings for the auctions the family has going already, which would be a way to help immediately.
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