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August 10, 2009

The Best American Comics 2009 Line-Up


Here's the line-up of stories from the soon-to-be-published The Best American Comics, edited by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden with this time's super-special guest-star editor Charles Burns. I don't suppose they're a big secret or anything, but I thought many of you might be interested:

* "Shh!" Tim Hensley, MOME
* "Justin M. Damiano," Daniel Clowes, The Book Of Other People
* "Artist Vs. Artisan," Peter Bagge, Apocalypse Nerd
* Various Strips, Kaz, Underworld
* "Hillbillys 'R' Dumb," Doug Allen, Hotwire
* "Why I Only Write About Myself," Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Comic Art
* "Our Beloved Tape Dispenser," Robert Crumb and Aline Kominsky-Crumb, The New Yorker
* "Indian Spirit Twain & Einstein," Michael Kupperman, Tales Designed To Thrizzle
* "Spirit Duplicator," Dan Zettwoch, Comic Art
* "The Company," Matt Broersma, excerpted from Insomnia
* "Shortcomings," Adrian Tomine, excerpted from Shortcomings
* "Over Easy," Mimi Pond, excerpted from
* "Portrait of the Artist as a Young %@#*!!," Art Spiegelman, Virginia Quarterly Review
* "Cruddy," Ron Rege Jr., Against Pain
* "When I Was Eleven," Gabrielle Bell, Lucky
* "Gropius in 'Ring Tones'," Tim Hensley, MOME
* "Dal Tokyo," Gary Panter, Riddim
* Various Shorts, Ben Katchor, Metropolis
* Various Shorts, Jerry Moriarty, Comic Art
* "Mosfet Warlock and the Mechlin Men," CF, Powr Mastrs
* Various Shorts, David Sandlin, Hotwire
* "The Galactic Funnels," Dash Shaw, MOME
* "Berlin," Jason Lutes, excerpted from Berlin
* Various Strips, Tony Millionaire, Maakies With The Wrinkled Knees
* "Black Death," Sammy Harkham, Crickets
* "Jordan W. Lint," Chris Ware, Virginia Quarterly Review
* "Fuzz & Pluck In Splitsville," Ted Stearn, excerpted from Fuzz & Pluck in Splitsville
* "Freaks," Laura Park, Superior Showcase
* "Skim," Jillian and Mariko Tamaki, excerpted from Skim
* "Antoinette," Koren Shadmi, Blurred Vision
* "Glenn Ganges In Pulverize," Kevin Huizenga, Ganges
* "Jillian In The Argument," Tim Hensley, MOME
* "5:45 AM," Al Columbia, MOME
* "Papa," Gilbert Hernandez, Love and Rockets
* excerpt from "The Hand That Feeds," Anders Nilsen, Big Questions
* "Hope Gropius," Tim Hensley, MOME

That sounds like a good line-up, and when you think of this one and the one done recently by Lynda Barry, it speaks well to what Abel and Madden have been able to do since taking over the reigns.
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