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March 9, 2012

The Columbus Dispatch Hires Nate Beeler As Cartoonist


The Columbus Dispatch, a well-established newspaper with a six-figure circulation serving a metro area of about two million, has announced its hire of Nate Beeler to its editorial cartooning position. This is a story in a lot of different ways. It marks a new gig for Beeler, a well-regarded cartoonist ensconced at the Washington Examiner since 2005. Beeler has won the Thomas Nast Award and the Berryman Award in the last half-decade. That the Dispatch is looking to add an editorial cartoonist in the first place is a story, although a slightly melancholy one for being so noticeable in a time where newspapers are shedding cartoonists like they're losing subscribers. Another angle is that Beeler replaces Jeff Stahler, who was suspended and then resigned in December in the middle of plagiarism accusations.
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