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April 21, 2019

The LCP Is Now The LCSP: May Its Reign Be A Short Run


It's probably time we start looking at micro-analysis of all of theses article about comics shops closing. We used to do this for Local Cartoonist Profile -- what kind of comics those that got those write-up were doing, where they were living. There are geographical nuggets of information and how those shops present themselves that are important with the shop closure pieces.

It seems to me we're seeing more stories about real estate costs hurting these ruggedly local merchants, and that the primary virtue of the stores in trouble are their community. I've always thought comics culture has made too much of the community aspect. I have never sought community at a comic book shop, but I have sought plenty of 1970s Jack Kirby at less than $2 a pop. Is a fan community of people looking at screen a fan community or a phone community? Who knows?

Two connecting to look for as well is few article about a catastrophic cause and more about the desire people have enjoy multiple career across a business lifetime. Expect a lot of retiree second businesses to have stapled paper involved somehow over the next 20 years. All bets are off if one of the extinction events finally rolls into plain view.
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