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April 19, 2012

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons, Shows, Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* SPACE in Columbus this weekend. When many of the newer small-press shows were a inkling in their founders' eyes, there was SPACE.

* FLUKE! is on Saturday as well. That's another model show, the model being "small press show in a cool place in a region maybe underserved by similar shows." I've long wanted to go.

* Comica's Comiket is this weekend, too. Big weekend. Sheesh.

* with C2E2 in the rear-view mirror, Chicago comics fans can start thinking about CAKE and their guest list. I can't tell you how happy I'd be for there to be two established shows actually in the city of my early twenties (as opposed to just outside of it).

* good gravy, make that two shows and the occasional super-conference. What a line-up.

* press registration at CCI has got to be imminent.

* finally, MoCCA isn't this weekend, but next. I'm starting to get the publisher-specific PR for that one. For instance, Leigh Walton will be manning a Top Shelf effort featuring appearances by Pat Grant, Joseph Remnant, Jeff Newelt, Joyce Brabner, Brendan Leach, Kagan McLeod, Alex Robinson, Jess Fink, Eric Skillman and Jennifer Hayden. It'd be nice if people paid a lot of attention to Brabner and Remnant behind Harvey Pekar's Cleveland, one of the debuts along with Blue and The Pterodactyl Hunters.
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