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January 17, 2013

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons, Shows, Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* so they've announced Autoptic, which manages a bunch of things roaring out of the gate: 1) the obvious involvement on some level of local art-comics anchor personalities Zak Sally, Tom Kaczynski and Anders Nilsen; 2) putting a show in the Twin Cities, which is a great part of the country and a great comics region; 3) finding a slightly different model for a show, which allows it a unique identity and doesn't obliterate the chances that previous Minneapolis shows could return if they wanted; 4) picking a great time of the year that is both open in terms of small press stuff (particularly with fewer of those folks doing San Diego) and a great time of the year to head up to that region. If they execute the rest of this thing this well, watch out.

* FLUKE 2013 registration is now open. Wait, since I typed that, I think it's closed. Better luck next year, and with finding a more timely news site. Sorry about that.

* it looks like there's a new comics festival that is supposed to announce its plans today. I hope that I remembered this post in time enough to go get that information.

* there's a bunch of stuff going on in Ohio next month: Derf, Caitlin McGurk and a bunch of Buckeye State comics culture all-stars making various presentations in conjunction with the Ohio Art League.

* here's a Sam Henderson comic detailing an anecdote from BCGF weekend.

* that's a new photo for this column, that one right up top: from the Comic-Con 2012 Los Bros At 30 panel.

* MECAF sold out of its first wave of exhibitor tables very, very quickly.

* finally, here's word on an illustration and comics festival in New Zealand, which if nothing else gives some folks a chance to go to New Zealand, maybe. That's TCAF weekend, but let's hope for rapid growth and a different weekend for future years.
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