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March 10, 2011

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons, Shows, Events

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* judging from the enthusiasm of exhibitors and fans, the comfort with which the publishers are beginning to settle in, and size of the crowds visible in photographs, last weekend's Emerald City Comicon looks like it was a success. Of particular note is that I believe this is the first year the show had gone to three days. Moving off of a weekend into a weekday is the kind of move that can have a greater effect on the overall feel of the show than it has in terms of being able to judge that day a success in and of itself.

* it's not an overnight success, though -- next year's March 30 to April 1 effort will be the 10th anniversary version of ECCC. Still, that's a great comics city and one worth visiting and a city of regional proximity to a lot of funnybook fans, so I have to imagine that like Heroes Con in Charlotte, it's in for the duration.

* the Comic-Con's hotel reservation day seemed to go as well as possible. Although we'll likely hear another round of complaints as room confirmations are sent, the frustrations seem to me more about the basic quandary -- there are fewer hotel rooms than people who want them at the price being offered -- and less about things like the inability of fans to get onto the site or get through on the phones. I also imagine that as more and more people who remember the way the show used to be gain access to thing like publishers' rooms and apartment rental mechanisms, or just stop going, the pain in getting a hotel room will no longer be the unpleasant surprise it is for older fans and seem more and more like the cost of doing business.

* TCAF gains some and loses some.

* PAX East 2011 is this weekend. If you didn't know that, you ain't going. The London Comic And Small Press Expo is this weekend as well.

* Matthew Brady takes a look at C2E2 programming and asks the question that has to have occurred to anyone even halfway thinking about the show.

* finally, now that we're in convention season Douglas Wolk has a short list of suggestions for how to approach things as someone in attendance. It's good advice.
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