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January 28, 2015

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* there were several pertinent announcements this week, and I fully expect there to be stuffed columns every week this year I don't get to five or six stories as their own posts.

* Short Run, the well-liked Seattle small press show that's moved around a bit in town and on the calendar, has announced its 2015 show for October 31 and the Seattle Center. That's great news in that as far as I know no one else is doing a show that weekend and I hope to attend. They're in the Fisher Pavilion this time around -- I don't remember where they were that first year -- and that's a nice space. The Center is adjacent to a nice part of that city. Also, Halloween in Seattle seems like an occasion for socializing that won't make those of us over 35 head to the hills. It's also interesting news that they're sticking to a one-day model when most shows with the intensity of their success go to a two-day format sooner rather than later. I love one-day shows and I wish there was more of them. Also, they apparently make decisions at retreats, which is hardcore.

* did you wonder if New South Fest was still a thing? I did. It is! Heidi MacDonald gathered all the pertinent information and put it into one place. I love Austin, and wish them luck. They'll be open for exhibitor applications on Monday.

* CR talked to Zack Soto, the co-organizer on Linework NW, about the questions raised by the split exhibitor strategy in terms of the special guests: Daniel Clowes, Lisa Hanawalt, Lisa Congdon and Jay Howell. Basically, whether we'd see all four guests both days, or if one or two might be only doing one day of the show.
"We'll be posting the full schedules once we have all the confirmations from exhibitors, but fyi we will be splitting the tabling times of the guests. Most will have some crossover panels on the opposite days though, so they will be around just not tabling. The plan is to have Howell & Hanawalt star on Saturday, with Congdon & Clowes taking over on Sunday."
Thanks, Zack.

* APE has announced for October 3-4, the same weekend as the festival I'm running, Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, which was announced last month. They're going to be in the San Jose Convention Center and it looks like they're shooting for about 300 exhibitors.

* ELCAF will be two days this year, and has announced for mid-June.

* finally, this travel site devoted to various methods of finding a place to stay in San Diego during Comic-Con International looks interesting, but I don't know enough about such sites to endorse it or whatever.
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