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March 22, 2017

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* we are headed towards one of the two big choke-point periods of the North American convention schedule: next weekend's Mocca Festival + WonderCon + Fumetto is about as good as the calendar year gets. I was hoping to do two of them (the ones not in Luzern) but I may not do any. I hope it works out.

* another week, another smaller convention announced.

* I still don't all the way get the fold-in inclusion of cosplay into comics conventions: there's historical weight to it, of course, and flat out some of the costumes are awesome. They're crowd-pleasers, too. I think some of it may be a conception of these shows as a place to ply your creativity as opposed to engage with the fruits of a medium. I was always confused by the Star Trek conventions I attended as a kid, too. Disney World even developed an aspect of that. Now that I'm involved with a convention that doesn't include those elements I still get people asking to come to perform or whatever. God bless anyone that finds joy in making art.

* this article makes explicit what some others didn't: Comic-Con International putting a museum into Balboa Park indicates a commitment to San Diego above and beyond its leasing situation with the convention center. It could be a fun museum, too. I like permanent spaces for comics.

* finally: Excelsior!
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