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April 15, 2015

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* we are right in the thick of it now. Full speed ahead. I may do a stand-alone on the MoCCA Festival, but right now you can just go to the Secret Acres site and read their report. That's a remarkably strong set of criticisms for people intimately involved with the show.

* this weekend it's Linework NW. I'll be there. I'm interested in their split-exhibitor strategy. The bulk of exhibitors for the show are exhibiting Saturday or Sunday, which is something that maybe you could only pull off in Portland with that much hometown talent. But it's a great idea if it works.

* one thing to remember about these conventions as they go on -- now that we're spoiled -- is just how fun your average convention panel can be, particularly if you're a fan of something being discussed. Here's a WonderCon report on their Jack Kirby panel. Here's the Sergio Aragones/Mark Evanier/Stan Sakai panel.

* convention advice, one young cartoonist to even younger cartoonists.

* Baltimore Comic-Con has begun announcing guests. That's a well-liked regional show with a lot of national draw for guests from the mainstream American comic book world. Plus, Baltimore's a great city and you're close to a bunch of stuff to do.

* finally, another round of Comic-Con International guests.
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