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May 3, 2017

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* another week, another micro-show. Here's one that isn't a micro-show but isn't really a lead item of discussion and drew thousands according to their claims. The public perception of comics shows isn't everything, but it's a factor now.

* Chicago Zine Fest this weekend. It's not uncommon among my friends to think that most major comics festivals will pull in an element of 'zine culture over the next few years out of coverage needs.

* everyone I know is tweaking their TCAF plans. I'll be there Friday to Monday, and looking forward to having my soul crushed by how good it is. I'm kidding, all good shows are really aspirational, and that one ten times over. I'll be doing four panels as my moderation game kind of sucks now and I need the reps and they have tons of opportunities to do that with a lot of great cartoonists. I'm doing the Island one, and a webcomics one (talk about needed reps), and a couple of others. Dave Cooper! I'll mention them by name next week in case you want to come yell at me about the binding on some of the copies of We Told You So.

* finally, here's a comics festival I hadn't heard of in a city I'd barely heard of. Welcome to the new world of comics.
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