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June 17, 2015

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* look at the sweet space they found to put on Flamecon.

image* looks like there's a focused programming track at Heroes Con related to the 10th Anniversary of Center For Cartoon Studies. I would likely attend all of these were I there, except for maybe the movie which I've seen more than once.

* Robyn Chapman writes a review and runs a photo of this year's Grand Comics Fest.

* PW starts beating the drum for ALA 2015 with a brief but broadly aimed look at the state of comics in libraries.

* Joe Gordon breaks down everything comics to be featured at the Edinburgh Book Festival.

* here are photos from an Ed Luce signing in London.

* CAKE reminds that the annual award they do where someone gets sponsored and set up at the show is still accepting applications for few more days. That sounds like a fine little program, and I urge people to participate if they're eligible. Speaking of CAKE, while I did hear a range of experiences from the exhibitor end, that higher-end people were very enthusiastic, not just politey so. John Porcellino said it was his best show ever by a double-digit percentage-point number, which is astonishing considering how many shows that guy has done.

* here's a photo-stuffed report from Comicfestival Munchen.

* finally, here's the Fantagraphics crew in Oslo. Speaking of Fantagraphics, here's what they'll debut in San Diego at Comic-Con International this year.
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