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July 31, 2019

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* Jamie Coville is a devoted tape-maker and photographer of convention programming. Here's his SDCC 2019.

* I will continue to tighten up my ramblings into one post spread out over days and will put that in the place where notes were intended to go as the show built.. I'm still not up to speed where I should on these kind of direct-observation, which is a great value that blogging provides to the event.

* it might be worth seeing that it seems like a whole new group of comics-makers aged 35 to 50 have settled into that show -- and NYCC a bit, in the same way -- as kind of full-serve, old-fashioned shows with enough industry verve to serve all amkers. I think this will change in then ext ten year as the kids book publisher really surge forward as some other forms either move backwards or begin to take a form for most of these publisher where it's still very hard to make use of a big-tent show.

* so onto the Fall slate: a jam-packed SPX with anniversary stories to tell, CXC, Baltimore Con, Rose City Con, New York Con, a Brooklyn show, Seattle's lovely Short Run show and I'm sure some surprises. Flame Con goes first. It's still a reasonably healthy part of our industry, these shows but that also means an ability for our shows to pivot in a variety of ways. The best outcome for my money would be an agreed upon framework with which to bring close attention to the industry between the shows, even using the shows as a resource on how to do so. It's going to be an impressive Fall for comics, I think, which will help focus our attention on the books themselves. By the end of the year we may even learn what TCAF has planned for May 2020 with their longtime host hotel facing a limited number of rooms. Very exciting.

* some of the things offered up as the main signifier of SDCC 2019 include: no one person, Marvel's movie/TV presentation, and, my choice, all the scooters that were impounded.

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