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September 16, 2015

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* Jack Ohman discuesses the just-completed AAEC yearly meeting and some of the security measures taken by host Columbus College Of Art & Design given that there was a Charlie Hebdo panel and an art show of response cartoons. I saw a couple of dogs and some security people, but I walked right in and sat down and didn't really notice anything that disrupted the flow of the show.

* it's SPX this weekend, which means that's all anyone in that world of comics is talking about. In the more mainstream world you're seeing shows like Baltimore being discussed, and rumblings of NYCC. But the SPX whirl is intense, if only for Tumblr-related proclomations from cartoonists with new work to sell. See you down there. If you see me, please say hi. I'm bearded, bald and very large right now; SPX is one of comics' few shows where that isn't a default look.

* for some reason, I hadn't listed MICE until recently, so let's give it a slight signal boost in this column. That looks like a fun show, and it has a few years in the bank.

* I got to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum just slightly too late on Tuesday to see Jessica Abel's speech in the Eisner Seminar Room that she has out on the road right now in support of her new book -- the place was jammed! Everyone I spoke to was impressed by the presentation, though, which lasted just over an hour. I'm told the books designated for that Columbus event sold out. She'll be at SPX, too. I hadn't seen the Billy's classroom used in this way, and it seemed to work very well -- the galleries and the reading room were closed, but that open area of the lobby up into the balcony near the classroom work quite well for that kind of event.

* finally, Gary Tyrrell provides the exhibitor maps for Topatocon.
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