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September 28, 2016

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* The Beat covers some sort of rejected display art controversy at NYCC. NYCC articles are always interesting to me because they always make the con seem more horrible, without really trying to. It almost seems quaint to even hint that something like this could 1 percent be seen as having a free-speech element, when the whole thing is crafted around maximizing a specific commercial atmosphere. Also, the thought that any model in a limited-sales environment like comics could involve giveaways makes me uncomfortable, although I know these things can be about buzz for whatever intellectual property is involved. Comics is worlds within worlds and none of us understand all of them.

* CXC -- the show with which I'm involved -- has posted a list for its Saturday-Sunday exhibitors. That show is mid-October. Please come. Please.

* the Los Angeles show with Stan Lee's name on it is changing its name to include the words "Comic Con." The old name was a mouthful so this seems like a smart idea. This article suggests that this might aid the Salt Lake Comic Con in their legal tussle with Comic-Con International. I would imagine that with this one we'll just see what the law says. In terms of the dormitory-hallway justice of this, I do sort of feel that most shows benefit from Comic-Con International establishing an approach, tone, cultural profile and style for these kinds of shows. If the term has become generic, that generic baseline was crystallized in San Diego. I just don't have any idea what's actionable and what isn't.

* I would love it if one panel at every convention from now on was called "The Future Of Mankind."

* finally, Eli Schiff walks through the history of Eli Schiff at comic shows.
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