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October 1, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

image* there's a much bigger and fancier version of the ICAF 2014 schedule here. Justin Green! See you there. Between that prominent academic event, what the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum has been up to on its own and a few stand-alone events on the campus of CCAD, Columbus is having a powerful comics Fall.

* we're about two weeks out from the close of exhibitor registration for TCAF. That's a high-demand show, but it's a good one to do.

* this is a busy weekend: Bristol, APE, MICE. APE is the one that's interesting to me because it's the oldest.

* man, there are a lot of shows now.

* one thing I like a lot about APE is that it's still a show where you can find some of the alt-comics gen-1 crowd, like Jim Blanchard and JR Williams. Please don't buy all of Blanchard's refrigerator magnets; I want to buy some through the mail.

* finally, the big news this week was CAB announcing its initial grouping of guests and the fact they're splitting off their popular programming track into its own day, at a nearby boutique hotel. I've heard a variety of opinions from people like this. It all comes down to execution. If they can put together great programming, they'll get people there. They won't really lose all that many folks just by having a second day; I suspect I could count the number of people who day trip into that show on one hand.
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