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November 6, 2019

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* it's all about Short Run now, with I think precursor events starting tonight. Short Run is one of our most important shows by executing its role as a regional comics festival as well as any show out there executes its own conception of what a show should be -- even the international platform model. When I go there -- and I'm just not healthy enough to go this year, which kills me -- I see cartoonists I think of as really Seattle artists: Dave Lasky, Megan Kelso, Max Clotfelter -- and I think of them as wholly beholden to that region. It's a modest one-day show with a ridiculous guest list and just the right amount of bells and whistles in terms of supportive programs and even panel programming. Plus I still love Seattle a lot. If you can get there, please go. If you can go, buy Lasky's latest and anything from Jim Blanchard if he's around.

* to make this post the nerdiest of the month so far, one of the reasons I'm paying extra attention to Short Run is that for many of those cartoonists there is a smaller number of shows they can do because of the difficulty of travel, and I wonder if reducing the number of shows might have a positive effect on a number of folks. This is the kind of thing I e-mail to friends at 3 AM, so feel lucky if we've never been friends.

* I think I'll be swapping the above column image in time for the new year. I really like it, there's just a ton of cartoonists of that SPX era in view. The last couple column images I changed was after receiving e-mail from people begging for me to do so because the previous image drove them nut. Never this one, though.

* preview of a show in Grand Rapids.

* here's a report from the Gareb Shamus-run ACE show form Chicago. I have almost not mental connection to a show so heavily invested in celebrity; it's just not my conception of how they should be focused at least a little bit on the work. But people certainly love these sorts of interactions and I'm probably an asshole for not feeling this sort of thing in my heart. I like actors, too, just as their own thing. I swear.

* finally: the cycle begins anew with San Diego Con.
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