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October 25, 2017

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* ComicsPro sent out a press release last week that indicated they'll be doing their popular annual meeting in Portland two of the next three times they have them, and that they're looking for a floating meeting at another point during the year to hit locations they haven't hit yet. The Portland meetings will be February 22-24, 2018 and February 20-22, 2020. The 2019 and the first of the floaters have yet to be determined.

* NYCC is an odd show from a comics perspective... the only comics company that gets profiled here is one I've never heard of.

* Rob Salkowitz covers ReedPOP's acquisition of the MCM shows over in the UK. They've been aggressive about their move overseas given the traditional glacier-like speed of the conventions business. A lot of people like ReedPOP's spin on the San Diego formula, so I assume any show they'll buy will benefit.

* small shows in places that already have bigger show is going to be a thing.

* I work for a show now and it's been fun but we never had a show in a cannery.

* finally: it's all about Short Run now. Hope to see you there. And if it's not about Short Run it's about CAB. Hope to see you there as well.
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