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November 1, 2017

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* my Internet connection is such that doing a lot of links will be difficult. No one does a lot of links anymore, but I like them, so please forgive me.

* this weekend has suddenly joined the March/April transitional weekend as one of the most crowded in comics. I'm at ICAF/Short Run in Seattle, but others are gathering at places like Jet City and the AAEC convention and Zine Machine and Lucca. It's nice time of the year to do a show, I think -- it's generally indoor weather and most folks are at the end of their Fall cycle on things like kids sports. Good luck to all those out and about celebrating comics over the next few days.

* one thing I'm starting to experience at more of these shows is wide-ranging philosophical discussions about the purposes they serve and how long this current age of cons will keep going. I think we have some expansion yet. Like syndicated comics, it takes a long time for shows to lose their heat once they gain it, and when we're all in the comics rest home we'll guess certain shows went away five to seven years before they actually did. And with running a show still one of the lower entry points for getting into the field, and still with some modest financial reward if you can manage the time and catch a break on resources, there are models yet to come.

* I always go back to Tom Devlin's statement that this is an overall good, that he would have benefited greatly from all of these shows as an aspiring creator. I just hope that the energy can be pushed back through the community instead of into the show themselves. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to try and do exactly what I think should happen or fail spectacularly, not getting close enough at all.

* finally, this looks like an extremely interesting show and a future excuse to visit France not in January: the fourth edition of the Salon BD &Images LGBT Paris. Tagame-approved.
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