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December 16, 2015

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* exhibitor applications are open for Linework NW 2016 in May. That's the show that breaks down its two day show into one day purchases so as to better accommodate its giant community.

* I haven't seen many reports about CALA 2015, so I was glad for The Beat to run one. One observed fact that didn't make it into the many enthusiastic tweets is that there was a line outside the door and they could only have 100 people in at a time, which since this didn't happen last year is a likely sign that the show had some significant growth between last year and this one. I'm glad: LA needs an alt-show and this is is young enough for its core to be around for a couple of decades.

* another con piece at The Beat worth reading if you're interested in shows as a phenomenon is this gathering of links for a show that pulled a Vinko Bogataj. One way you know that cons are a thing right now with the general culture is that this doesn't happen a lot, in that shows and festival are so very much still a "show up and do it" venture, like a magic shop or a martial arts school. It could also be that we're reaching a saturation point where we get a few more of these stories over the next 18 months.

* Malta Comic Con reviewed.

* finally, I hadn't realized that the Kenosha Festival Of Cartooning had announced dates for 2016, let alone announced speakers.
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