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February 15, 2017

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* TCAF starts naming its featured guests after a long list of exhibitor-type guests last week. And boy, it's quite the list as you'd expect. I like how forward thinking it is, and how it will score TCAF fans in areas of comics that other shows won't be as aggressive in forging relationships. Very smart.

* the SPX registration lottery is open. Small Press Expo is one of the comics shows that is well-conceived and well-executed, and for cartoonists under 35 I'd say it remains a must-do. Lot of shows out there, but still.

* a preview of San Diego Comic Fest.

* I like this article about Wizard World in Portland that's basically a long list of what you have to pay to get some celebrity's autograph. That's just not a world I connect to, although in that moment people always look super-happy.

* finally, the Heroes Aren't Hard To Find store in Charlotte is moving. This goes here because most folks know the store as the headquarters and post-party location for Heroes Con, which celebrates 35 years this year and remains one of our great shows. Looks like the new location is big enough that they won't need that little warehouse building out back. That article also suggests the store's location has been in a variety of places over the years, not including those years where there was more than one store (someone correct me if I'm wrong about their being more than one store at one time).
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