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October 10, 2018

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* I appreciate these con reports for CXC, the show with which I'm involved, from Ryan Cecil Smith, Alex Hoffman and Juan Fernandez. Thank you for spending that time.

* most of what I hear back from NYCC is positive, particularly how the show was executed. I don't remember a lot of comics announcements that made an impression on me over that four-day period, although I'll look at the new Brian Michael Bendis-directed Wonder Comics line. I was surprised how little we heard from Marvel's publishing efforts. It feels like they need to start taking some shots at the fences. I wouldn't be surprised if they snatch up one of the non-Bendis big writers currently working and completely rework X-Men. There seems some potential energy there, still. I'm sure their TV and movie panels did well.

* (it's still sort of for geeks).

* you have until tomorrow night to apply as an exhibitor to TCAF 2019. That's a great show.

* finally: here's a Rose City report on the future of Brian Michael Bendis' creator-owned work, the comparative infrastructure for which I think is a significant part of why the writer is at DC right now. It's interesting to me that would end up being announced by Rose City with NYCC coming four weeks later, but announcements happen all the time now.

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