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November 29, 2004

Craig Thompson Makes Finalist List for European Critics Award

imageIn conjunction with the BD Festival in Blois, the Casterman edition of Blankets by North American cartoonist Craig Thompson was named a finalist for the critics' award given by the Association des Critics et des Journalists de BD (ACBD).

According to the same news reports, the winner of the ACBD award will be announced on December 1.

Other works cited on the finalists' list were:
Le Combat Ordinaire, Les Quantites Negligeable by Manu Larcenet (Dargaud)

L'Autre Laideur, L'Autre Folie by Marc Male (Humanoides Associes)

Ou le Regard ne Porte Pas by Georges Abolin and Oliver Pont (Dargaud)

Le Tour De Valse by Denis Lapiere and Ruben Pellejero (Dupuis)

I believe this is the same award that in the past has gone to Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's From Hell and Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong.

The English-language version of Thompson's work sold a number of copies at its relatively high price point and dominated 2004 American comics industry awards.

imageIn more important news unless you're a complete American-fixated bigot like it unfortunately seems I am, the great Philippe Dupuy and Charles Berberian were honored for the breadth of their creative partnership, now in its third decade. It was the first time the festival had honored an artistic pairing. The award they were given is called "Le Grand Boum 2004." Other awards as best as I can stumble through them were given to Chauvel, Alfred and Walter for their Octave et la Dorade Royale; Fabien Vehlmann; Christopher Gaultier, Bruno and Sylvain Ricard for Beyrouth Cliches 1990; Relome for the third Andy et Gina book; and Andre Cheret who seemed to get a slightly fancier award. But don't trust me; read it yourself.

The festival celebrated its 21st year this last weekend.
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