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July 11, 2007

CR Review: Three Very Small Comics, Vol. III


Creators: Tom Gauld
Publishing Information: Cabanon Press, mini-comics suite, 35 pages total, January 2007, Four Pounds
Ordering Numbers:

imageThis is Tom Gauld's recurring series of mini-comics packages, lovingly printed micro-minis in different formats (fold out poster, accordion strip, regular paged mini) bundled together in a tiny envelope and solid as a limited edition. I've like the past ones a lot, and I enjoyed this one, two. Unlike the edition just past, the strength here isn't the poster, a drawing of an odd collection of items within some sort of display case that really didn't engage me. I suppose that's good news for those who broke up their last set to do something with the fold-out. The other two minis proved to be strong enough to recommend the set: "The Art of War," one of Gauld's patented, downbeat tweakings of man's epochal follies, and "Gardening," an amusing, whimsical tale of palace revolt and social stations that happily never makes good on its threat to dwell in a specific moment for too long a time.

Gauld uses a spare style that kind of feels like Kevin Huizenga's, only reduced three or four more times, if that makes sense. I have no idea if such work could eventually be made into an "Amphigauld" collection or not, or what that would read like, or if the work that seems so smart and sharp in mini-comics form would just scatter and blow away in the face of a more significant publishing effort. At this size, I know it's a perfect package of appealing message and accessible form at a level of accomplishment that only Dan Zettwoch, Davis/Weing and John Porcellino have regularly achieved in the last decade. I only wish there was a new one every week.

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