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April 2, 2007

Today’s Publishing News Round-Up

* Paul Pope talks about shrink-wrapping his forthcoming Pulphope art book project, and what last-minute editorial decision helped the book avoid an adults-only tage.

image* Travis Charest is apparently off of the Dreamshifters Metabarons graphic novel project with Alejandro Jodorowsky that had been set up more than a half decade ago. In what seems to me an admirably straight-forward confession confirming the news that had leaked out in an interview, the artist admits to productivity issues regarding the project.

* The comics business news and analysis site has up a proper profile of Aurora Publishing, the American subsidiary of major women's manga publisher Ohzora setting up for business starting in June with titles under its own name and a yaoi-focused imprint called Deux. Ohzora had recently licensed through Dark Horse and Digital Manga, according to the article. One can throw a virtual rock and hit three bloggers opining on Ohzora bringing its more mainstream, slightly older audience-skewing books to American audiences and their chance for success in doing so.

* Like any proud papa, Eddie Campbell enthuses about his latest progeny.

thanks, Er Lern Loh
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